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Welcome to Ferogia Beach Bar in Skyros, one of the best Beach Bars for all ages and cultures. 

No matter what you read or what pictures you look at, there is no comparison to the real thing. Ferogia Beach Bar is an experience, and as such, one has to live it, to truly appreciate it. 

The Ferogia Beach Bar is by the sea right beneath the Ferogia Motel.And the fact that it lies 10 meters from the sea waves, makes it truly a Beach Bar. 

The Ferogia Beach Bar is unique on the whole of Skyros, due to the breathtaking view of the Aegean. 

Open from the early morning hours till late at night, it can offer you Breakfast, a variety of Snacks and food, as well as the most exquisite cocktails. 

Ferogia is by far the best place for you to really enjoy your vacation. Clear blue waters, a breathtaking view and first quality service, along with our hospitality, makes it a winning combination! 

Even if you are staying somewhere else on the island or if you just happen to be passing by, a stop at the Ferogia Beach Bar is a must! 

At night, Ferogia transforms itself into a beautiful, romantic place by the sea, where you can enjoy an ice-cream, a cocktail or a cold coffee to cool off the sunny day, or even a bottle of wine enjoying the moonlight.

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