Skyros is by far the least visited  island of the traditional Sporades. But  those prepared to visit this beautiful island of the Aegean Sea are amply rewarded by an atmosphere that blends traditional Greek village life with an increasingly trendy “alternative” vibe.

Skyros has managed  to remain an almost untouched insular heaven. Its magical sandy coves , Medieval remains and a millennia-long  adventurous history are surely worth to explore.

The island’s coastline is diverse and  perfect for swimming and relaxation.

The  long sandy beaches are  ideal for water sports and especially windsurfing  . The  sea caves and small islets that are part of the islands coastline  are  ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Sailing is also one of the best ways to  explore some of the most beautiful and  hard to reach beaches and bays.

Hiking and rock climbing are also very popular as the greatest part of Mount Kochilas  in the southeastern part of the island is a protected zone and has been included in the NATURA 2000 network. Its  rare fauna and flora are  ideal for nature observation.

Marked trails help you explore  the rocky south, so beloved by the British poet, Rupert Brooke, and the pine-forested west.

When you visit Skyros you can not miss its lillyputian ponies that look  like they  might have escaped from the frieze of the Parthenon.

The small-bodied Skyrian horse is one of the rarest and oldest breeds in the world and you can ride  with them  on the paths and beaches around Mouries Farm , the place that protects and breeds them .

 The local gastronomy is quite unique and no one should miss the delicious pasta with lobster , fava ,  thyme honey and of course the rare gruyere that you can find only in Skyros.


Skyros has one of the most beautiful villages of the Aegean , Hora.

You can walk through  Megali Strata and follow  the labyrinthine alleys that lead to the Square of Eternal Poetry with the statue of Rupert Brooke. There, you will enjoy magnificent views to the Aegean!

Ηοra is built on a hill and as you walk through its small streets where the whitewashed houses seamlessly merge with each other, you find yourself in the Monastery of Saint George and the Byzantine Castle of the island.

The view from the castle is breathtaking and the combination of the old castle and the church makes you feel serene.

As you follow the steps of Megali Strata you find the two museums of Skyros .

The Manos Faltaits Museum ,  one of the oldest folklore museums in Greece that it  is housed in the mansion of the Faltagides Family and features many objects from the Skyrian everyday life in past eras . A little bit further you find the Archaeological Museum of Skyros that houses findings from various historical periods and  an authentic representation of a traditional Skyrian house.

The Skyrian People  are known for their art in woodcarving and  pottery . In Hora and Gialos, you can visit the local workshops  to discover the long tradition of the island in pottery and woodcarving.

On the northern part of Skyros you can find one of oldest archaeological sites , the site of Palamari . It includes remains

of an ancient city-port, dated back to the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC.

Skyros is well known for its magnificent beaches and its  two faces, both extremely beautiful although completely different : the rocky south, so beloved of the British poet, Rupert Brooke, and the pine-forested west. Big  plus, there are beaches for every taste .

The north side of Skyros, which is covered with pine trees and has a very green and peaceful setting, you  will find the  beaches of Pefkos, Agios Fokas, Atsitsa and Kareflou. The ride is beautiful and goes through the protected pine forest of the island. Pefkos is a  sandy bay   surrounded by pine-covered hills that gives you in the summer the protection that you need from the sun, the smaller pebbly Agios Fokas is more secluded .

In Atsitsa the lush vegetation reaches the water.

 Kareflou  on the other hand impresses you  with her  turquoise blue waters. None of these beaches are organized but we find that this is a plus for the visitors that want  to have a quiet time.

One of the most beautiful long sandy beach of Skyros is Magazia where Ferogia lies.

Magazia is only 10 minutes walk from Hora and is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds,  coffee places and  taverns. But this magnificent beach is almost 2 kilometers long so if you want to find some peace and quiet away from the bars you can easily do it.

In Magazia the great full moon of August is at its most romantic because you can see it  rising out of the sea. Marvel at it from  Cafe Ferogia and it will take your breath away.

Kalamitsa is   a sandy close to the port of Skyros,and a popular destination for windsurfers. The winds come there in the right direction and there never waves.

One of the most beautiful places to be in   Skyros is Pouria.

An  otherworldly seaside site  where you’ll see a weird rock formation, the stone mushroom and the charming chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which is carved into the rock.

 Almost every day in the summer there is a small boat that leaves from Linaria and reaches the islet of Sarakiniko, with the famous turquoise blue waters, as well as the sea caves with the emerald waters and the stalactites and even enters Pentekali  the bigger one .


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